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The owners of Polished Nail Bar & More are local small business owners raising their family in our very own community.  They are service centric minded, and believe in "giving back" to the community by supporting local schools and youth sports organizations.  At Polished Nail Bar & More, we have made a conscious decision to be different than traditional nail salons. Besides our obvious hip and unique “nail bar” type atmosphere, we feel sanitation is one of our key differentiators!  We have a genuine concern for our clients in every service we offer.  In fact, our mission statement is:  To Provide Superior Quality Nail Services within a Unique and Upbeat Environment while focusing on Sanitation and Sensational Customer Service!

The Polished Difference

Sunscreen Provided

Though the Skin Cancer Foundation admits the risk may be low, for those clients who have any concern about the possible effects of putting their hands or feet under UV lamp dryers, we offer complementary broad spectrum sunscreen for your use. Simply notify your Nail technician if you’d like sunscreen applied to your hands and/or feet so they can do so BEFORE applying your polish.

UV Lights - Anti UV Resistant Gloves Available

For added protection beyond sunscreen, we provide Anti UV Protectant gloves for purchase.

Disposable Files & Buffers

We use only disposable files and buffers to ensure maximum sanitary conditions!  Yes, that’s correct…one time use and then they are thrown away.

Metal Implements are Sterilized and Sealed

At PNB we use an autoclave for all of our implements. An autoclave is a sterilization chamber similar to what hospitals and dentists use to sterilize their metal tools. The tools are then stored in a sterilized and sealed pouch. We open a new sterilized pouch for each client

Polishes…Free from Harmful Chemicals

Before selecting a line of nail polishes, we researched the safety, durability and quality of many and decided upon Zoya!  Besides offering a wonderful array of gorgeous colors, we liked that according to the manufacturer, Zoya polishes are free from the most harmful nail polish chemicals: toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates), and camphor which are often found in other popular brands.


In the early acrylic nail days, using MMA products was common practice.  It was later deemed harmful to your health by the FDA and has been banned for over 20 years. There’s speculation that some non-professional nail salons may still use MMA due to the cost difference between the safer alternative of EMA products. PNB uses approved EMA products.

Hand Washing

Each manicure service will begin not only with a clean station but also with hand washing / hand sanitizing. Our foot soaks both sanitized and soften the water. In addition they moisturized the skin and are paraben-free. For most services, Nail Technicians wear gloves for everyone’s added protection.

No Piped Whirlpool Pedicure Sinks

Since there’s really no way to adequately clean the inside of the whirlpool jet pipes (where bacteria may reside), we've made a conscious decision to not use them at PNB!  Due to the sanitary benefits, we have stainless steel pedicure sinks without jet pipes - which means less risk of cross contamination between clients. We feel a fully sanitized sink outweighs the risks that accompany the whirlpool jetted spa sinks.

Professional Products Only

We use only professional soaks, lotions, scrubs and moisture masks by the Qtica Smart Spa product line. Qtica products moisturize the skin, never leave a residue and are paraben-free. In addition, their foot soaks both sanitize and soften the water. Best of all, our clients love that they are allowed to customize their service by choosing between one of three aromatic and relaxing Qtica scents.

Sanitary Paraffin Solution

PerfectSense® Paraffin treatments have created a new standard for paraffin based treatments. They have combined total portability, electricity free heating, refreshing aromatherapy and powerful formulas all designed to address a multitude of skin care needs. Most importantly, since PerfectSense® is an individual solution, it eliminates the risk of spreading bacteria found in those unsanitary communal tubs.

Sanitation Log

Documenting pedicure sink cleaning via a tracking log is required in California. After every client, there are mandatory sanitation procedures that must be followed. At PNB we adhere to them by using a hospital grade disinfectant for client safety and by keeping a cleaning log for each sink after each client just as the State Board of Cosmetology requires.

Disclaimer:  PNB does not claim to be a “Green” nail salon or a “Chemical Free” zone, it is however, safe to say, a great deal of thought was put into the selection process for the products we use. Extra care was also given to the development of  our sanitation procedures and the ongoing management of those procedures. Our goal when creating PNB was to provide clients with extra peace of mind knowing they have ‘alternatives/options’ when deciding the amount of chemicals or UVA lights they are exposed to. It is also important to us that we give our clients an extra level of comfort when it comes to the sanitation of their preferred nail salon.

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